What Is The Meaning Of Outraged?

What Pokemon can use outrage?

This is a page on the move Outrage, and the Pokemon who can learn this move in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Read on to see the Power and Accuracy of Outrage, as well as its PP….By TM / TR.VenusaurCharmanderCharmeleonSeadraTaurosGyaradosLaprasSnorlaxDratiniDragonairDragoniteMewKingdraLarvitarPupitar33 more rows•Jan 19, 2021.

What do we mean when we infer?

infer, deduce, conclude, judge, gather mean to arrive at a mental conclusion. infer implies arriving at a conclusion by reasoning from evidence; if the evidence is slight, the term comes close to surmise.

What does tranquil mean?

calm, tranquil, serene, placid, peaceful mean quiet and free from disturbance. calm often implies a contrast with a foregoing or nearby state of agitation or violence. the protests ended, and the streets were calm again tranquil suggests a very deep quietude or composure.

What is the opposite of outrage?

outrage. Antonyms: moderation, self-control, selfrestraint, subsidence, coolness, calmness. Synonyms: outbreak, offence, wantonness, mischief, abuse, ebullition, violence, indignity, affront, insult.

Is Outrage an emotion?

Outrage is a strong moral emotion characterized by a combination of surprise, disgust, and anger, usually in reaction to a grave personal offense.

What does the word outrage means?

1 : an act of violence or brutality arranged outrages and assassinations— Anthony West. 2a : injury, insult do no outrages on silly women or poor passengers— William Shakespeare. b : an act that violates accepted standards of behavior or taste an outrage alike against decency and dignity— John Buchan.

How do you use outrage?

Outrage sentence examplesOnly when alone together were they free from such outrage and pain. … His reign was characterized by bloodshed and violence; the outrage of his son Sextus upon Lucretia precipitated a revolt, which led to the expulsion of the entire family. … To them persecution was an outrage upon Jesus’s teachings.More items…

How many times can you use outrage?

Outrage inflicts damage for 2-3 turns, has a base power of 90, and 15 PP. PP is deducted only on the turn Outrage is first called. While the user is using Outrage, it cannot use any other move. After Outrage is finished, the user becomes confused.

What does tedious mean?

: tiresome because of length or dullness : boring a tedious public ceremony.

What is the synonym of enraged?

In this page you can discover 29 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for enrage, like: madden, retainer, anger, inflame, ire, needle, provoke, please, calm, pacify and soothe.

What is the difference between enraged and outraged?

As verbs the difference between enrage and outrage is that enrage is to fill with rage; to provoke to frenzy or madness; to make furious while outrage is to cause or commit an outrage upon; to treat with violence or abuse.

What is the meaning of outrage the innocence?

The above phrase means that no country or no stranger are foreign for us all are our brothers and sisters and we should never hate them. We should treat everyone equally. We should not be envy of any one.

What is another word for outrage?

Some common synonyms of outrage are affront, insult, and offend.

What does indignation mean in English?

: anger aroused by something unjust, unworthy, or mean.

What is another word for vindictive?

In this page you can discover 31 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for vindictive, like: helpful, revengeful, spiteful, kind, forgiving, cruel, malign, nasty, rancorous, vengeful and generous.

What is the meaning of outraged in English?

(especially of an unfair action or statement) to cause someone to feel very angry, shocked, or upset: Local people were outraged at the bombing.

How does outrage work in doubles?

In a Double Battle, Outrage targets a random foe. In a Triple Battle, Outrage can target any adjacent foe.