Quick Answer: What Does Sedulous Mean?

How do you use the word assiduous in a sentence?

Assiduous sentence examplesThese methods, together with education, “assiduous preaching …

Burke, on the contrary, was assiduous and orderly, and had none of the vices of profusion.

He was assiduous in his attendance on Queen Hortense until the Hundred Days brought him into active service again.More items….

What do you call a person who is persevering?

per·se·ver·ant adjective -nt\ able or willing to persevere : enduring Origin of PERSEVERANT. Middle English perseveraunt, from Middle French perseverant, from Latin perseverant-, perseverans, present participle of perseverare.

What does chimerical mean?

1 : existing only as the product of unchecked imagination : fantastically visionary (see visionary entry 1 sense 2) or improbable chimerical dreams of economic stability. 2 : given to fantastic schemes She’s a chimerical optimist infused with utopian visions.

What is a sedulous person?

The definition of sedulous is someone who is diligent, hard working and persistent. An example of a person who might be described as sedulous about his health is someone who continually and carefully monitors what he eats and how much he exercises.

What does the word sedulously mean?

adjective. diligent in application or attention; persevering; assiduous. persistently or carefully maintained: sedulous flattery.

What’s another word for sedulous?

Some common synonyms of sedulous are assiduous, busy, diligent, and industrious. While all these words mean “actively engaged or occupied,” sedulous implies painstaking and persevering application.

What do call a person who never gives up?

One word that describes someone who doesn’t give up easily is perseverant. It essentially means “being determined to succeed at something, even when having to try again and again to do so.” Another word that describes someone who won’t give up is persistent.”

What’s a word to describe someone who never gives up?

If you answered: A. Tenacious is a mostly positive term. If someone calls you tenacious you’re probably the kind of person who never gives up and never stops trying – someone who does whatever is required to accomplish a goal. You may also be very stubborn.

What is the meaning of assiduous?

: showing great care, attention, and effort : marked by careful unremitting attention or persistent application assiduous planning an assiduous book collector She tended her garden with assiduous attention.

How do you use sedulous in a sentence?

Sedulous in a Sentence 🔉Even though you completely destroy the ant bed time after time, those sedulous ants will continue to go right back to work rebuilding it. … Although she told him that she was already in a relationship with someone, Ethan refused to abandon his sedulous efforts to get a date with Felicia.More items…

What is the opposite of sedulous?

sedulous. Antonyms: indiligent, idle, unpersevering, inattentive, distracted, wandering, inconstant. Synonyms: assiduous, diligent, industrious, laborious, painstaking, persevering, close, unremitting, indefatigable, constant.

Is Sedulousness a word?

adj. Persevering and constant in effort or application; assiduous. See Synonyms at diligent.